Standard Bearer

“Essence Pool” © J Porter, 2010
Glacier Pothole, Interstate Park, Minnesota

Deep in the Essence pool
I sink
Unencumbered by old ways so that I can find the Old Ways
Locked within self


They did not need to wait for ever
And I am so grateful for their song
I dance a slower dance now,
But I still dance

It is woven of fibers of mist and fire
Of sinew and bone
It soars through the air
And hunkers by the fire
It remembers the running, giggling girl
And honors the fickle, fecund maiden
It embraces the mother’s heart
It takes the standard of Crone
With open arms

It is all that I am
Open, bold, free
What I do not give
Cannot be taken

Be careful what you ask for,
and of


© J Porter, 13 July 2010

Author’s Note: Resurrected 13 May 2017. Even more pertinent.



Part of a Series, “Shadow Life” by Vangelis Paterakis, 2010

It is interesting to contemplate how easy it is to equate the elegance and romance of a moment to the person who was there with you during it. How many relationships have been started or pondered or desired because the beauty of that experience was so grand, so epic, that the only way you could conceive of another like it was if that person was also present, only to find out they had absolutely nothing to do with the pure Magic of that moment itself.

It is quite possible, I think, to fall in love with a moment, and because that moment is so fleeting, so ephemeral, you try to recreate it over and over with those present at the time, and maybe you succeed once or twice but it never really matches that initial beauty.

The only solution that I can see is to allow more beautiful moments to be Seen, and to fall in love with every single one of them. Your world, your very Life, would be full – Full! of Beauty, and Elegance, and Romance, and sometimes, if anyone else was with you, and they, and you, were paying enough Attention and Devotion to their own Experience you would each have another with whom to look back on those singular, amazing moments and sigh at the exquisite Beauty of them.

And that would be a bonus, but not a requirement.


Something got shattered
so that something could blossom

A reliance on the Known
Blown out of the water
On waves of remorse

Freeing something

Stunned, I mourn
And wonder
if I am just aging more rapidly
than I knew

In the silence of breath
I hear no answers

This stillness is new

© J Porter 28 March 2012