I was very sad one night. I asked for Help. I had been Told I wouldn’t be Alone. But I certainly Felt that way. I was gently prodded outside – a beautiful evening, about an hour before dusk.

All the way to the River…

Signs of my not being Alone

…Gentle reminders from multiple Beings

…Another esoteric book, Wisdom in fiction, in the Little Library

…The busy, busy muskrats tharumping loudly as they built their homes on the Lake edge

The Lilacs embracing me with their scent

…The new leaves, brushing my face

StormBrother sending warnings on the wind when it was time to leave (and I made it home, just in time)

…The smell of rain, the distant thunder

I am never Alone, not really.

But I had to accept that, among humans, I am Outlier. It was the last Lesson of Crazy May, and one I’ve been fighting ever since.

So I come home, finding the Peace and the Solace and the Understanding I needed, and I talk with a friend, and there we are: fellow Outliers. Our own strange community of misfits.

We might not fit in with the muggles, pagan or mundane, but we have each other, even if there are not that many of us. Yet. But each time we find another? A Star lights up in the Darkness, and we are all less lonely.


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